Can planting or weeding a bunch of plants helps you stay fit? Perhaps, to many people, the answer to the above question is in the negative. “How can gardening help you stay healthy?  You have to hit the gym! You cannot be fit if you spend time over a bunch of flowers.” These are some of the beliefs many people could have toward gardening. The question that this raises is if landscaping could make you fit. Is gardening a form of exercise?

The answer is actually in the affirmative. The planting, weeding, pruning, trimming, et cetera of plants, flowers, trees, et cetera helps you stay fit both in body and in mind, that is, physically and mentally. The benefits of gardening activities go beyond connecting to nature. Spending about 30-45 minutes in the yard can burn up to 300 calories.

Gardening has also been found to be therapeutic. Since there is a calming and cleansing nature to it, it has a way of imbuing that calm to patients in need of treatment. It has been found that hospital patients do better when surrounded by plants, and problems like ADHD and mental illnesses are alleviated to a certain extent, with the use of plants.

All of this said commitment is required to convert the pure form of gardening to a workout routine. Here are some steps or strategies that could help to this quickly;

Create a routine

It is best to treat gardening the way you would other workouts. Stretch for some minutes first, then alternate your program: from lighter activities to heavier ones. You could rest for some minutes after with some snipping and picking and then go all over again. Norskeanmeldelser provides the outlet to see many online stores and their products for sale. Using it, you should find stores like Cellbes or other stores that deal in household items, to be exact, gardening tools.

Do a lot of deep digging

Digging is a high-intensity activity. Participating in it helps to engage the muscles. Try to engage both the legs and arm muscles when you dig.

Alternate activities

Just doing heavy-duty work can be tiring and draining. It is always best to alternate and mix-up activities. You could mow, weed, prune and dig alternately.

Watch your form

In gardening, a lot of bending and twisting is done. Watch your form. Usually, it is advised that you bend at the knees, not the waist. When lifting heavy items, make sure to bend at the knees. Use long-handled tools to avoid back and waist pain. Bending and twisting the right way also helps to engage the waist and knee joints, helping you stay fit.

Go old school

Use manual clippers, shears, and mowers. Everything has become easy these days, and people are looking for a more comfortable way to do things. Using the old method guarantees much more workload and more exercise to the muscles. Need these tools?  You could check Norskeanmeldelser for stores that sell them.

Many do not know, but without really hitting the gym, you can stay perfectly fit. One of such methods is gardening, and what’s more? It can be enjoyable.

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